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The Toyota Motorhome is a classic Class C RV that encompasses a variety of motorhome models from various manufactures. These vintage and collectible motorhomes were made from 1977 to 1993. For more information on this see the Toyota Motorhome history below. Toyota Motorhomes are highly sought after today for a variety of reasons including the fuel economy, low price and vintage style. Motorhome buyers can find a Toyota Motorhomes For Sale on Craigslist, eBay and RV Trader along with a variety of scattered resources online. We aim however to give buyers specifically looking for Toyota Motorhomes a one stop shop.

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Toyota Motorhome History

Motorhomes have been built on Toyota Truck chassis since 1977. Prior to the Toyota Tacoma, the Toyota truck was simply known as the Toyota Pickup or Hilux in international markets. The Toyota Chinook was introduced in 1977 on the standard duty chassis. Several manufactures including Chinook, RBR, New Horizons, Coachman, Huntsman and National RV made Toyota motorhomes under both the Dolphin and Seabreaze Names. Winnebago Industries utilized the Toyota chassis to make Itasca and Winnebago RV. Lastly Gardner Pacific made the classic Toyota Sunrader which is a highly sought after Toyota RV.

In 1986 RV makers began to employ the Toyota one-ton cab chassis, however due to weight restrictions in 1993, motorhome manufactures switch to the Ford E450/E550. However to this day small class C motor homes are still made utilizing Toyota truck chassis. On top of this both the Tacoma and Tundra have become popular basis for camper shells and other camping applications. Also, the Toyota HiAce, first introduced in 1967 is used as a camper van.